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Know the Difference

Trademark Attorney vs.
Trademark Agent

You will receive full service legal advice, not just an agent that takes your information, takes your money, fills out a government form and files your trademark application.

Don’t Settle For A Trademark Agent – Get The Expertise You Deserve

Ask Yourself

What are you looking for? Legal advice to get you headed down the right path, or just a “service” that takes your information, takes your money, fills out a government form and files your trademark application?


Avoid This Common Costly Mistake

For many smaller and medium-sized businesses, the thought of hiring a trademark attorney might at first seem expensive. You might even consider hiring a trademark “agent” in lieu of working with a trademark attorney.  Don’t do it!

Non-Attorneys Are Not Allowed To Give You Legal Advice

It is not advisable to hire a non-attorney “agent” to perform a trademark search or file a trademark application – non-attorneys are not even allowed to give you legal advice. It takes an experienced trademark attorney to give you a legal opinion as to the availability of your trademark for use and registration.

We have worked with clients throughout the United States and
provided them with customized trademark legal services within a budget that they can afford.

Learn About Our Trademark Attorney Fees

We Are Here From Start To Finish

Only a licensed trademark attorney is professionally qualified to advise you at every step throughout the prosecution of your trademark application – from the initial trademark screening through the comprehensive trademark search and during the examination of the trademark application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We don’t file your application and say goodbye. We’re never more than a phone call away. We’ll stick with you throughout the trademark application examination process, following the progress of the application and keeping you informed of important developments.

Helping Trademark Owners Across The Country Manage Their Trademarks

If you want thoughtful advice pertaining to your trademark, together with the benefits of having an experienced trademark attorney draft your trademark application following a comprehensive trademark search, consultation and recommendation, please speak to us.  We have helped so many other businesses in the past.