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Comprehensive Trademark Search

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Make Sure Your Mark Is Available Before ApplyingComprehensive Trademark Search  Search Performed & Possible Conflicts Identified Comprehensive Search Report Attorney Opinion Letter Copy Of Get Trademark Smart - Our Trademark Primer Learn More Save Time & Money With A Comprehensive Trademark Search Call (914) 723-0394 Comprehensive Search In 3 Easy StepsHow It Works Step 1 Answer A Few Questions We'll gather the information needed to begin your comprehensive trademark search. Step 2 We Perform A Comprehensive Search We search federal, state, common law, business names, newspapers, social media & domain names to identify possible conflicts. Step 3 You Get A Detailed Report & Attorney Opinion Letter You will receive a copy of the comprehensive search report and attorney opinion letter as to the availability of the mark for use and registration. Ready To Start Your Comprehensive Trademark Search? Call (914)...
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Trademark Search

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Is Your Desired Trademark Available?Trademark Search Perform an appropriate trademark search before applying for your trademark. Exact Match Screening Comprehensive Trademark Search Ready To Get Started On Your Trademark Search? Call (914) 723-0394 Exact Match Screening Exact Match USPTO & State Trademark Screening This is a screening of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and all 50 State trademark registers. It includes USPTO pending applications, registered marks, and state registered marks. The Exact Match screening searches only for your exact trademark. Please note that this is a preliminary screening and does not substitute for a comprehensive trademark search, which is recommended to all clients prior to adopting, using or applying to register any trademark. Comprehensive Trademark Search Comprehensive Trademark Search With Attorney Opinion Letter This is a survey of use of your proposed trademark and other similar marks,...
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