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famous fanciful and arbitrary trademarks

FAMOUS, Fanciful & Arbitrary Trademarks

By DIY Trademark
Famous trademarks enjoy a broad scope of legal protection because they are more likely to be associated and remembered in the public's mind, also known as brand awareness. Start-ups and entrepreneurs do not have same level of legal protection as giants with famous brands. But it’s not all smooth sailing for those famous brands either. World-famous brands like Nike, for example, are constantly engaged in legal efforts to protect their brand. The more renowned a company is the more likely that someone out there will try and capitalize (free-ride) off of it. Famous brands often need to file lawsuits against people piggy-backing on their trademark. The reason being is that if others can successfully capitalize on the famous brand without legal ramification, they could greatly harm the business by destroying the value of the good will that has been developed...
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