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Thomas M. Wilentz – News12 Interview

By Protecting Your Trademark
Tom helps out the crew at News12 by explaining some basics of trademark law for their story about a cease-desist letter that was sent to a local cookie business by the owner of the registered Got Milk trademark. The News12 editing crew left most of Tom's wise words on the cutting room floor, but if you want to learn about your trademark rights you can just give a call! Click...
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How You Win With Trademarks

By Trademark Questions
Being a winner means having a good offense and a good defense and the same is true about having a winning trademark. TMW Law will help you to develop a strong trademark that you can enforce against others if necessary without ever having to go to court, and will advise you so that you can avoid using a trademark that could cause you to end up in legal hot water....
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FAQ Series #4: The Ins and Outs of Trademark Applications

By Trademark & Registration Services
Welcome back to our casual trademark FAQ series. This is installment number four “The ins and outs of trademark applications.” In our last installment, we discussed trademark clearance and how it's critical to do a good trademark search before you start to use or apply to register any new trademark. For this installment we're going to assume that you've done your due diligence, you've had a comprehensive trademark search conducted,...
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Its All About Priority

By Trademark Priority
Trademark Priority You may have heard the phrase “it’s the economy, stupid,” coined by Bill Clinton’s strategist James Carville as a maxim for campaign staffers to keep in mind so they would stay focused on the issue that matters most to voters. When it comes to property law, and that includes intellectual property such as trademarks, you could use this same maxim, except replace the word “economy” with “priority.” In...
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Trademark Expungement and Reexamination

By Hiring A Trademark Attorney
The USPTO has established ex parte expungement and reexamination proceedings for cancellation of a registration, in whole or in part, when the required use in commerce of the registered mark has not been made.  This is big news, because it creates an entirely new option for trademark applicants whose applications for registration have been refused under Section 2(d), (likelihood of confusion) with a prior registered mark. As an attorney practicing...
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International Expansion and Your Trademark

By DIY Trademark
If you know early on that you intend to expand into foreign markets, it is wise to try to secure your rights in those markets as early as possible. One way to do this is to file an application for International Registration under the Madrid Protocol, an international trademark registration regime administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization.  Again, to be prudent, you would want to conduct trademark searches in...
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You Can Still See Your Lawyer

By Trademark & Registration Services
With the move to digital meetings and virtually every aspect of life online, we are pleased to let our clients know they can still consult with us face to face. If you have questions about your U.S. trademark or a new trademark you are considering using or applying to register in the United States, you can talk to us. You can have a tele-consult by telephone or video conference. And...
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International TM Considerations: Civil versus Common Law Jurisdictions

By International Trademarks
So, you have a new trademark and you've just applied to register it in the United States. But the USA is just the beginning.  You have a big vision.  You plan to take your brand global.  The question arises: in which countries is it most urgent for you to apply for trademark registration? First Factor: Which are Your Most Important Global Markets? You can't begin to decide in which countries...
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