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Trademark Law FAQ

By Trademark Questions
Have Questions About Your Trademark?Frequently Asked QuestionsWe Have Answers Let Us Answer Your Questions Call (914) 723-0394 Frequently Asked Questions About Trademarks What Is A Trademark? Trademarks are a form of intellectual property, but they are NOT interchangeable with copyright or patent. A trademark is a word or symbol that identifies the source of a product or service. What Are Trademarks For? A trademark is a word, phrase, sound, logo, image or other device that identifies the source of your product or service.  Think of brand names you are familiar with. You may find the quality of a certain brand to your liking, so you look for that brand when you want to purchase that product. If you prefer X brand of salt, you will purchase X brand next time you run out of salt. You will not purchase Y...
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