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Trademark Licensing

By Protecting Your Trademark
Before Entering Into A Licensing AgreementTrademark LicensingProtect Your Trademark Rights Interested In Licensing your Trademark? Call (914) 723-0394 Protect Your Trademark RightsReview Your Licensing Agreement Protect your trademark rights by having us review your licensing agreement and proceed with confidence! If you find yourself in the position to license your trademark, there are certain considerations you need to bear in mind.  From a business standpoint you need to be able to articulate the necessary terms of the license that will make sense for both you and your licensee.  From a trademark rights standpoint, you need to make sure that your trademark rights are not endangered by the terms of your license agreement or the subsequent conduct engaged in by the parties. In trademark litigation, license agreements are frequently the subject of discovery requests.  One reason for this is because a...
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