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4 Step Trademark Registration Service

By Trademark & Registration Services
Let Us Help You With Your Trademark Registration Call (914) 723-0394 Trademark Registration In 4 StepsHow It Works Step 1 Education, Screening & TM Search Get The Full Details Step 2 Attorney Opinion Letter & Consultation Get The Full Details Step 3 Filing Order & Application For Registration Get The Full Details Step 4 Follow Up & Trademark Monitoring Get The Full Details Trademark Registration In 4 StepsStep 1Education, Preliminary Screening and Comprehensive Trademark Search We believe all trademark users need to have a basic knowledge of trademark law to conduct their affairs wisely. That’s why one of the components of our service is client education. When you become a new client we’ll schedule a consultation during which we’ll inform you of important trademark issues you should understand, and also provide you with our Get Trademark Smart! informational brochure for...
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