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trademark ™ scams

Trademark Scams

By Protecting Your Trademark
Trademark scams- Be careful! Once you have filed an application to register your trademark (TM) with the USPTO, you might start to receive some unusual letters and emails.  Unfortunately, the world being what it is, having your information on the USPTO website as a Trademark applicant (or owner of a registered TM) may lead to many opportunities to be scammed coming your way. Here are the big three, in my experience: The Registration scam: This one preys especially egregiously on the presumed lack of knowledge of new trademark applicants or owners of new registrations. It arrives in the form of a letter, via USPS. Its appearance is that of an official government correspondence. It usually will include some paragraphs in small font size which may include legal jargon, but somewhere on the page will be the pitch: You can register...
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