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You Can Still See Your Lawyer

By Trademark & Registration Services
With the move to digital meetings and virtually every aspect of life online, we are pleased to let our clients know they can still consult with us face to face. If you have questions about your U.S. trademark or a new trademark you are considering using or applying to register in the United States, you can talk to us. You can have a tele-consult by telephone or video conference. And it doesn’t matter whether you are in New York or Texas, Singapore or Sydney, London or Hong Kong or anywhere in between. As long as you have a phone or an internet connection, we’re here to consult with you about your U.S. trademark questions, United States Patent and Trademark applications and trademark registrations. When it comes to searching and applying to register trademarks with the USPTO, we can help you...
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The Trouble With DIY Trademarks

By DIY Trademark
Considering A DIY Trademark application? You May Want To Reconsider. You have a toothache. Do you pull the tooth yourself and save the couple of hundred bucks a dentist might charge?  Hopefully not. Hopefully you see a dentist. Your dog is sick. Do you, to save a few bucks, go online and take a quick dog care course and then treat poor Fido yourself? Hopefully not. Hopefully, for Fido’s sake, you bring him to the vet. You need a logo for your company. Do you take a quick graphic design course online then create something yourself? Hopefully not. Hopefully you hire a graphic designer. Which brings me to the point. You want to establish a trademark for your business.  Do you spend about an hour reading about trademarks online, then go the USPTO and apply to register your dream trademark?...
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