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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

By Trademark & Registration Services
Entrepreneurs see a need in society and develop a solution to fulfil that need. The rewards can be great, both to the society and the entrepreneur. But in order for those rewards to be realized the people who can benefit from the entrepreneur’s innovation need to be made aware of it. Once they are aware of it, they need to know how to access it, whether it is a product or a service. Before they can access it, they need to remember it, especially what it is called. This is one of the most important functions of a trademark: as a way for the consumers of your product or service to store the information they will need to purchase your offering and to continue to repeatedly purchase your offerings in the future. Your trademark (also referred to below as TM)...
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Now It’s Easier Than Ever for U.S. Businesses to Apply to Register Their Trademarks in Canada

By International Trademarks
Canada has acceded to the international trademark system administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This means that Canada is now a party to the Madrid Protocol, an international trademark treaty designed to harmonize and streamline international registration of trademarks. The Madrid Protocol will enter into force for Canada on June 17, 2019. This is big news, and not just for Canadian trademark owners. It's also very important for U.S. trademark owners, because it makes it much simpler to include Canada in your trademark registration plans. How Does this Affect U.S. Trademark Owners? As of June 17, 2019, it will be possible to conduct your U.S. trademark search with an added Canadian search. Then, based on the results, you can simultaneously apply to register your trademark in the United States and Canada. Given the cultural affinities and integration of...
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Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Attorney

By Hiring A Trademark Attorney
Benefit #1 Get advice about your specific situation to help you avoid costly mistakes We can help you avoid costly mistakes in the selection and use of your trademark or service mark. It’s our job to advise you of the risks associated with trademark use, and through review and evaluation of appropriate trademark searches, assist you to adopt a mark that will not be subject to competing claims. Benefit #2 Save your time and your money The basic reason is that it makes good business sense, because in the long run, hiring a good trademark attorney will most likely save you money. Benefit #3 Receive your advice and attorney consultation before you introduce your new product or service Ideally, you should engage the services of an experienced trademark attorney whenever your company is considering launching a new product or service....
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