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Get An Excellent Return

Affordable Flat Rate Trademark Attorney Fees

On Your Trademark Attorney Investment

When you hire us, you won’t just receive legal advice on your trademark plus clearance and registration services. You’ll be partnering with a law firm who believes in educating the client.

It’s our goal for every one of our clients to increase their trademark knowledge.

Learn How We Can Help You Save Time & Money

Trademark Attorney Fees

It’s true that a good trademark attorney costs more than just filing the trademark application yourself or using a trademark “agent” who cannot provide you with any legal advice or legal services.  A trademark attorney costs more because a trademark attorney provides you with a valuable service—just like going to a doctor costs more than diagnosing and treating your illness yourself.  You ask “doesn’t a trademark attorney cost more” than doing it yourself?  Yes it does. But it’s much more likely to be effective and get you the desired result.

Receive personal service from an attorney dedicated to you!

We’re not like some of the big online firms. When you call us, you’re likely to reach your attorney right away. We don’t like to play phone tag. You’ll never be a number with us. We’ll get to know you and your business. Our firm is about building relationships with clients for the long haul and doing right by each and every client. So, we’ll go out of our way to make sure you feel good about the services we provide you.

Did you ever wonder why using a trademark lawyer costs so much? If you did, we have some welcome news for you: It doesn’t. Our flat fees for advice and preparation of a new trademark application are very reasonable.  Especially when you consider the value the trademark may acquire.

And we keep our fees reasonable by managing our costs.  Low overhead allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Flat Fee Trademark Registration Services

We offer flat fee trademark services because you have a lot of ideas.  You need to be able to protect your primary trademark, of course, but you also want to search and register other marks for other product lines or new services you plan to introduce.  Affordability of legal counsel becomes key when you have a lot of trademarks to take care of.

You also need to know up front what your cost will be. That’s another reason we offer our trademark registration services at flat fees: So you can proceed with confidence.  Flat fee billing for trademark search and trademark application services means no surprises. With our flat fee billing you only pay what you agree to pay in advance, before any services are rendered.

Proceed with confidence. Flat fee billing for trademark search and trademark application services means no surprises.

Affordable Flat Fee Trademark Registration Services

Your trademark budget is limited and you expect excellent service. Thomas M. Wilentz, Attorney at Law, PLLC was founded way back in 2003 with one goal:  To help small and mid-sized businesses secure their trademark rights.  After all these years, the firm continues to be the go-to resource for an ever-growing number of clients, who rely on our experience and advice so they can use their trademarks safely and effectively. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses, and we’d love to help you too.

A Word About

Trademark Attorney Fees

Trademark lawyer fees range from the cheap to the reasonable to the overpriced to the ridiculous.  If the trademark lawyer fees are too low (cheap) there is probably a hidden cost—either in the form of unstated additional expenses or below par services.  If the trademark lawyer fees are overpriced or ridiculous you will probably be paying too much (although if a lawyer is charging ridiculously high fees the lawyer may provide exceptional service in return).  We work hard to keep our trademark attorney fees reasonable.  Our firm’s fees are priced to be reasonable and affordable for small businesses and start-ups while still providing excellent service.  We try to provide the best service possible at the best price.  Our fees for our most popular trademark search and trademark registration services are designed to be affordable and are kept low by keeping our overhead low.

Helping Trademark Owners Across The Country Manage Their Trademarks

We have assisted trademark owners in New York, California, Florida, Texas and throughout the United States with their federal trademark matters for many years.  We can help you manage your trademark portfolio and enforce your rights if necessary through proceedings at the USPTO and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Learn More