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Protect Your Trademark

Trademark Monitoring Services

From Trademark Infringement

Trademark Watch Packages Tailored To Fit Your Precise Needs

Trademark Watching

Protect Your Trademark From Potential Infringement

Knowledgeable Trademark Owners Opt For Trademark Watching Services

Trademark watching services are designed to promptly notify you of potential infringement of your trademark symbol. Depending on the type of trademark watch selected, you can be notified of potentially infringing common law marks, newly filed USPTO trademark applications or trademark applications that have been newly published for opposition in the USPTO Official Gazette. Your mark can also be watched on the internet.

It’s important to understand that policing your trademark is your responsibility. That’s why knowledgeable trademark owners opt for trademark watching services.

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Did You Know?

Establishing a trademark is only the first part of an ongoing process. 
Trademarks are a form of property, and as any property owner can tell you, property needs to be protected and maintained. One of the most important ways to protect your trademark rights is through enforcement.

“How Do I Prevent Trademark Infrigement?”

Trademark Monitoring is designed to alert you quickly when another company attempts to register a trademark similar to yours.

You need to monitor your trademarks – otherwise you night not know of others who may be infringing upon your rights. For example, if another business decides to register a similar trademark to yours it could negatively impact your brand and your company’s bottom line. Without trademark monitoring you might not learn of the infringing trademark until serious damage to your brand has already occurred.

Trademark Monitoring gives you the opportunity to oppose a trademark application within the appropriate time, if necessary.

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Ready To Protect Your Trademark From Infringement?

Trademark Watching Options

Trademark watch packages can be tailored to fit your precise trademark watching needs.

USPTO Pending Application Watch

USPTO Pending Application Watch

This service watches newly filed applications for federal registration to alert you in the event an application is filed that potentially infringes your mark.

USPTO Official Gazette Watch

This service watches marks published each week in the USPTO’s Official Gazette to alert you in the event a mark is published that potentially infringes your mark.

Combined USPTO Pending Application & Official Gazette Watch

Combines the first two watches listed above.

Common Law Watch

This service watches common law trademark usage, business names and domain names to alert you of common law trademark use that potentially infringes your mark.

Comprehensive U.S. Watch

This service watches USPTO pending applications, marks published in the Official Gazette, state registrations, common law trademarks, business names and domain names to alert you if potential infringing trademark use is occurring, or an application to register a potentially infringing mark has been filed or published for opposition.

Additional Trademark Services

Mark Selection Services

Some clients are very focused on running their business, but do not have a mark in mind for the marketing of their goods or services. Although it is obvious that the right trademark can be a great asset and can increase the relevant consumers’ awareness of your brand, choosing the right mark can sometimes be daunting. If you’re having trouble selecting a mark to promote your product or services, we ‘re here to help.

Cease and Desist Letters

If there is evidence that your registered trademark is being infringed, we can draft a cease and desist letter to send to the alleged infringer. Alternately, if you have received a cease and desist letter from the owner of a registered trademark, we can analyze the situation and advise you how best to respond.

Oppositions and Cancellation Proceedings

We can represent you before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in Oppositions and Cancellation Proceedings.

Negotiating Settlements of Trademark Disputes

We can analyze the interests of both sides to a trademark dispute and advocate for the best possible resolution for you.

Helping Trademark Owners Across The Country Manage Their Trademarks

We have assisted trademark owners in New York, California, Florida, Texas and throughout the United States with their federal trademark matters for many years.  We can help you manage your trademark portfolio and enforce your rights if necessary through proceedings at the USPTO and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Learn More