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Trademark Application Services

Get your United States Trademark Application filed with the USPTO

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Get Your United States Trademark Application Filed With The USPTO

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Trademark Application Services

Relax while we make it easy for you to have your trademark filed with the USPTO.  We’ll need you to give us some basic information about the trademark, then we will clarify everything and provide you with a written filing order for you to review.  Once you approve the filing order, we’ll file the application electronically with the USPTO.  You’ll obtain your priority filing date for your Principal Register trademark application on the date it’s filed.

+18 Years Experience Prosecuting Trademark Applications

Put Experience On Your Side

Trademark Application Services

We’ll take care of the filing.  You get the benefit of our many years of experience drafting and prosecuting trademark applications—so you won’t have to worry about it being handled professionally.

Search First Then File

Before You Submit A Trademark Application

The First Important Step

It’s critically important to always have a comprehensive trademark search conducted and obtain an attorney opinion before you commence use of a new trademark or apply to register any new trademark. That’s why we strongly recommend that all our clients always conduct a comprehensive trademark search before they start using or apply to register any new trademark.

In certain circumstances you may feel you do not need to conduct a search before filing your trademark application.  If after consultation you decide to proceed with an application for registration without first conducting the recommended comprehensive search, we can still help you by making sure the application is properly drafted and filed.

Flat Fee Trademark Application Services

Benefit From Knowing Your Trademark Filing Costs In Advance

Protect Your Budget

Our trademark consultation, drafting and filing services are done on a flat fee basis.  Assuming you give us the complete information we will be able to quote you a firm flat rate for consultation and preparation of your Trademark application.

Benefits Of Trademark Application

Gain An Advantage In The Marketplace

Besides the legal benefits you obtain as the owner of a USPTO registered trademark, you also obtain certain advantages in the marketplace. For example, if you sell your products on the Amazon Brand Registry, available only for registered trademarks, can provide you with certain advantages.

International Trademark Application Services

Protecting Yourself In Markets Outside the US

The demand for products and services is growing, and the ease of reaching customers in far-flung places is growing along with it.

Are you planning to sell your goods or services under your trademark in other countries?

We can file an extension of protection under the Madrid Protocol (an international trademark treaty) so that you can apply to have your rights under your U.S. registered mark recognized and upheld in many other countries, subject, of course to the laws of such countries. So, if you are planning on doing business in Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, China, Japan or a host of other countries, let us know.  And if you have a country in mind that is not a party to the Madrid Protocol, chances are we have attorneys we liaise with who can handle trademarks there.  Our aim is to assist you to protect your trademark in all the markets where you will be using it.

Note that, as with the USA, a trademark search of any country where you intend to use or register your trademark is recommended before you introduce your trademark into the marketplace in such country and before you file an application to register your mark in such country.

New York Based, Serving US & International Clients

Our home is New York. We love New York and New Yorkers and always strive to serve our local businesses. No matter what field you’re in – fashion, food, entertainment, computer software, etc. – we want to be your local New York trademark attorney. Check out all the industries we’re experienced working with.

But if you’re not from New York, we can help you too. We have clients from all over the United States and many countries around the world.